6 Practical Ways to Reset Your Work-Life Balance

We’ve all heard about the importance of a healthy work-life balance. But all too often, the advice stops there. This can be frustrating. How are entrepreneurs supposed to achieve this mythical balance? It’s not enough just to toss these tired maxims at us, like an old bone to a dog. What we need are practical ideas, new tools in our toolbox to help us improve our businesses and, ultimately, ourselves.
In any event, reaching this balance is surprisingly simple (in word, at least!). It mostly means reconnecting with ideas and habits that we intuitively know are important. But I don’t want to just list these things, I want to equip you with them: Think of the following as six practical tools to help you chisel away at a more elegant work-life balance. If I’ve missed something, great; you just found yourself a seventh.

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