My Social Media Philosophy.

How a person approaches social media, affects how they manage clients social media accounts. My philosophy is that social media is just that. It is a”social” media. It is designed for humans to interact and group around topics and content which they are interested in, and wish to spend time around. The role of a social media manager is to position a business/brand inside that moment. People should be able to find you. Then they need to like the content you are providing. Then they need to feel free to interact, share, contribute, and finally, they need to get a response back to nurture a relationship. Expecting social media to steer traffic directly to your sales page hoping people are going to like and trust you enough to buy what you are selling is a long shot. Millions of your customers are on social media every day, and every business needs a social media manager to steer them through the maze, and make an impact.  This is my personal philosophy and steers most of the strategies I implement.  I’m excited to apply this strategy to your business, so press the contact link and let’s discuss if we’re a good business partnership.


Visit my LinkedIn profile – . Currently 4000 Connections and growing.  I’m able to create fancy graphics, write interesting blog/articles, manage newsletters, and hack interesting methods to create social growth.