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Are you in the process of starting your small business? It can be a struggle to get your domain name, website, seo and social media services in place and operating on all cylinders from the beginning, and can really affect growth if left to lag behind in the priority queue. My team and I will help you kick start your business in the right direction, ensuring ALL of the basics are up and running for you as quickly as possible, and we can even be there as a business service for your business as you grow. Here is a short list of the services we’ll provide, to move your business from being just an idea on paper, to having a full identity on the internet.

  • Registering your domain name.
  • Setting up a WordPress website + hosting +email addresses.
  • Installing SEO and Social plugins on the WordPress site.
  • Creating all social media accounts.
  • Posting content on your website pages.
  • Creating your business logo.
  • Training on sourcing content/images for content marketing.
  • Training on an automated posting scheduling using our TimeSlot software.
  • Training on how to attract relevant followers to your social accounts.
  • Training on getting relevant LinkedIn connections.
  • Training on TimeSlot software advanced features (Google Map integration/hash tag groups/Automated bot messages to stimulate engagement).
  • Setting up level 2 WordPress sites to contain social content for links shared on social media.
  • Setting up links from level 2 sites to a sales funnel landing page.
  • Training and set up of a MailChimp newsletter service.
  • Assistance and guidance on social media strategy.The option to upgrade and outsource all of your social media content creation and management/strategy.